Features and Benefits

■ VOICE: It includes the recorded voice of each student or member, creating a lasting memory. The students graduate and may never see some of their friends or classmates again, but their voices live on and can be cherished each time this software is in use.

■ VIDEO: Video clips of special memorable school events can be includes, along with experiences such as messages from the Proprietor, Principal, Teachers, etc.

■ FUND RAISING through VIDEO commercials: Business owners, companies, and outside vendors can advertise their products and services through paid commercial Video clips of between 30 and 60 seconds. This can be a lucrative fund raiser!

■ INTERACTIVE: This game-like software is programmed to loop through the selected list or the whole school register and display each photo while playing the recorded voice of the student at the same time. The software may be set to repeat as many times as desired. This makes it much more interesting and effective than a “lifeless” paper-based yearbook.

■ SOCIAL TOOL: Since this package would contain students’ personal information, interests, career goals, hobbies, likes and dislikes, birthdays, and so on; making new friends becomes much easier while attending school, as does keeping in touch after graduating. YOU MAY DECIDE TO POST YOUR YEARBOOK ON YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK.

■ PROMOTIONAL TOOL: The school may have a good website, but in terms of spreading the word to the international community, especially USA, Europe, Canada, etc, an interactive FACEBOOK-type DVD is unbeatable!

■ HIGH TECH EXPOSURE: A handful of students would be involved in the production of this package. These fortunate students would gain direct hands-on training on the components of the software. Specifically, basic tools and techniques in the high tech areas of (1) database design, (2) voice capture and editing, (3) photography and image processing, (4) video capture and editing, and (5) basic computer programming.

■ SCHOOL INFORMATION: EDUCATIONAL GAMES, QUIZZES & RESOURCE ARCHIVE: Important information about the school including facilities, rules and regulations, special events can all be presented through this tool as interactive games and point-scoring multiple-choice quizzes.